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    Las Vegas Black Film FestivalMsMichelle PayneI’m Ms. Michelle Partner with Klicxz.com JOIN OUR Klicxz Family now... The LVBFF is primarily organized to celebrate the works of independent Filmmakers from all over the world. Making an Impact on the Big Screen! our Platform is for independent filmmakers, filmActors and filmLOVERS from DIVERSE ethnic backgrounds across the Nation As the FOUNDER of this Magnificent Event ... I am proud to announce that our Annual Las Vegas Black Film Festival proudly welcomes INTERNATIONAL films from ALL over the WORLD The Las Vegas Black Film Festival is an Award Winning State Proclaimed Festival that ignites the independent film market and gives emerging filmmakers from around the world a platform to display their talents. NOTE*** while our festival is primarily designed to celebrate the film works of BLACK Filmmakers ALL Filmmakers are welcomed and celebrated... NOBODY DOES IT LIKE LAS VEGAS!! again.... "ALL Filmmakers, Film Actors and Film Lovers are welcome! OUR PLATFORM is like NO other!
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    Action & Adventure
    Faith & Spirituality
    Independent Movies
    International Movies
    Romantic Movies
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    Classic Short
    What we are looking forI’m Ms. Michelle Partner with Klicxz.com JOIN OUR Klicxz Family now... a brand-new online community for filmmakers and content creators like you to easily create a profile, connect with other filmmakers, stream films, and of course, MAKE MONEY. ... you get subscribers and benefit from Klicxz Shares, which is our unique subscriber-based profit share that gets you paid for telling your filmmaker friends and family about Klicxz. Create a profile Get a Klicxz Link. a customizable URL that takes people to your profile page. KONNECT Peers Stream your Films GET PAID .... It’s that easy Klicxz Shares pays you for your subscribers, your subscriber’s subscribers, and your subscriber’s subscriber’s subscribers. It goes three tiers down. Just Click the KONNECT Button to get started To learn more send me an email at klicxz@lasvegasblackfilmfestival.com
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