What can I watch on Klicxz?Klicxz provides on-demand access to thousands of Classic and Independent Films. Simply choose the membership plan that interests you.
    What are the membership plans?Choose your plan and enjoy all of the great cartoons, shows, and movies of the past, the groundbreaking Indy Films of today - OR why not enjoy both! Klicxz offers a number of choices for our beloved Guests and Filmmakers.
    Classic Plan: Let Klicxz entertain you with the Classics of the past.
    Indy Plan: Enjoy the latest and greatest Indy Films being produced today.
    Premium Plan: Why not enjoy the best of both worlds? Subscribe to the Classics and Indy Plans.
    Filmmaker Plan: For creators!
    Try each plan risk-free for 15 days. We have no doubt that you’ll absolutely love Klicxz, but if for any reason Klicxz is not right for you, feel free to cancel anytime.
    And if there is anything we can help you with, please don’t hesitate to contact at support@klicxz.com.
    Does Klicxz have an App?We are currently in App development. Klicxz will rollout Apps across all platforms including SmartTV, iOS, and Android in the coming months.
    How do I watch Klicxz on my TV?You may be able to connect your computer to your TV with a VGA or HDMI cable. Doing so will allow you to play Klicxz movies on your TV that are streamed on your computer. We are working hard to bring you the best mobile and smartTV apps in Indy Filmmaking and streaming entertainment.
    Does Klicxz require an MPAA maturity rating?Klicxz does not require filmmakers to include a MPAA rating. However, we keep it classy. We will more than likely not allow anything beyond what is reasonably considered a “R” rating.
    When will Klicxz be available in my country?Klicxz is excited to be part of the international filmmaking community! Like we said, they’re not only making films here in the US, they’re making awesome films EVERYWHERE. As we grow, we will continue to roll out our streaming services worldwide and provide our fellow filmmakers a home for your awesome films and a way to make money.
    Questions about tax? Klicxz has you covered.You can always see your billing history, and the price you will be charged, by visiting your account page.
    How is tax determined?Tax rates vary by country, state, territory, and even city, and are based on the rates applicable at the time of your monthly charge. These amounts can change over time with local tax requirements.
    Are there any exemptions?Some states and regions offer exemptions for qualifying individuals. If you think you are exempt from this tax, please submit your justification at support@klicxz.com. We’ll hook you up : )
    Does the monthly Klicxz subscription fee include VAT or GST?This varies by country and depends on local regulations. Unless otherwise stated, Klicxz charges will include VAT or GST in countries where VAT or GST is collected. In those countries, VAT or GST tax is included in the advertised Klicxz price.