Film Professional

    What type of films does Klicxz accept?Are you an Indie Filmmaker with a film? Klicxz wants to stream your film and get you paid. Klicxz is now accepting Feature, Short, Episodic, Documentary, and Animated Films. If there is any doubt, feel free to contact us at content@klicxz.com. We’d love to hear from you!
    How will my film be distributed?Klicxz a Video-On-Demand platform like Netflix and others. We’re different because:
    • You do not need to go through a distributor or aggregator to get your film on Klicxz
    • There are no complicated licensing agreements
    • Klicxz pays you MONTHLY with per-subscriber revenue-share
    • We do not place unnecessary layers between you and your audience
    How do I submit my film?We realize you put A LOT of work into your film and appreciate you considering streaming your film with Klicxz. You can easily upload your films yourself right from within your Filmmaker Dashboard.
    Is there a cost for film submission?Klicxz does not charge for film submissions. All we ask of the filmmakers is to subscribe to Klicxz at the $12.99 Filmmaker Plan after the 15-day trial
    How do I earn revenue with Klicxz?Klicxz pays per subscriber you bring in. Imagine Netflix paying you per person you got to sign up to their service. Your mom, pop, sister, brother… crazy right?
    When you create a profile for you or your film you’ll be able to customize your Klicxz Link, a personalized link that takes people to your profile page when clicked. Have them click that Konnect button at the top of your profile and register. When they do, they become your subscriber. When they subscribe to any one of the pay features in Klicxz, a portion of their membership goes to you monthly.
    How does per-subscriber revenue share work?This is what makes Klicxz different. We’ve developed a unique revenue share model that you won’t find anywhere else. You earn money by engaging with audiences, marketing yourself and your films, and telling them they can find you only on Klicxz!
    When you subscribe, you will be able to access your Klicxz Link, a personalized URL you use in your marketing. When someone clicks on that link and subscribes to Klicxz, you will start getting paid monthly for that subscriber. It’s that simple.
    Build your audience. Earn more money.
    It gets better! You earn money for:
    Your subscribersTier 1
    You subscriber’s subscribersTier 2
    You subscriber’s subscriber’s subscribersTier 3
    Number of Subscribers$ Per Sub Monthly
    Tier 1
    0 - 4 999$ 0.25
    5 000 - 7 499$ 0.50
    7 500 - 9 999$ 0.75
    10 000 - 32 499$ 1.00
    32 500 - 54 999$ 1.25
    55 000 - 77 499$ 1.50
    77 500 - 99 999$ 1.75
    100 000 +$ 2.00
    Tier 2$ 0.10
    Tier 3$ 0.03
    Are there licensing fees or agreements?Your film is your film and we’re not locking you in to a licensing leash!
    When you upload your film to stream on Klicxz, you grant Klicxz the right to stream your film worldwide. Klicxz gives you a virtual worldwide audience to which you can market your films and build your subscriber base.
    Can I distribute my film elsewhere?Like we said, your film is your film. Stream with Klicxz – and anywhere else you want. Simply upload and remove your films as you please. Klicxz provides you with a Filmmakers Analytics Dashboard that allows you to manage your content.
    How does Klicxz distribute subscription royalty payments?No more complicated distribution payments and royalty agreements! Request your money anytime right from within your dashboard. We pay you directly via PayPal.
    PayPal recipients receive their money directly into their account. Recipients without a PayPal account can get their money by clicking the link in their email and following the instructions. You will have to create a PayPal account. Don’t worry, it’s free!
    According to PayPal, online payments are usually processed within minutes though rarely it can take up to 24 hours because of environment issues.
    There is no transaction fee for you! Don’t worry. As always, Klicxz has you covered.